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The Cowsills (L-R: Paul, Susan and Bob Cowsill). Photo courtesy Paradise Artists

The Cowsills on the Happy Together Tour

Pop, American Style by Bill Kopp As a band, Tthe Cowsills formed in 1965. But they can make a credible claim to having been together much earlier. A self-contained group made up completely of family members— five brothers, a sister and their mom— the real-life Cowsills were the inspiration for…


Local 14k Jewelers

By Pamela Crabtree, MLS “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” sung by Marilyn Monroe is spot on. Diamonds are the most sought after gemstone by women, and “the guy segment is growing” according to Jim Jensen, who along with his cousin Dave, owns Jensen Jewelers. All gemstones are not created…


Couples Share their “Secrets” for Long, Successful Marriages

By Christine A. Holliday While millions of Americans marry every year, statistics also suggest that nearly half of these marriage participants find reasons to end their unions. Problems with finances or sex or in-laws, lack of communication, stresses of parenthood and unreasonable expectations can all lead individuals to conclude that…


Saving Money on a Second Wedding

Costs Can be Contained By Pat Nowak You finally met him or her and marriage may be in the future. Your first marriage was likely was quite expensive. It may be unnecessary to repeat, but you still want to celebrate in style. Here are some cost saving tips to help….


Q&A WITH John McCarty

By Pat Nowak John grew up in Ann Arbor and attended the University of Michigan, graduating  in 1982. He began his career in banking in Detroit, moving to Cleveland to work at KeyBank and then to Toledo in 2000. His career locally has included stints with First Merit and Huntington…


Commercial Driving now an Option For Ohioans with Hearing Impairment

New licensing test removes barriers, opens path to employment Ohioans who are deaf or hearing impaired will now have the opportunity to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), thanks to collaboration between state agencies. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS) and Opportunities for…


Community Care Clinic at the University of Toledo

The University of Toledo has a  student-run clinic that offers free comprehensive healthcare to Toledo’s underserved populations. Several clinics and services are available: Main Clinic: Thursdays 5:30pm-7:30pm – This clinic provides general healthcare services ranging from physical exams to prescriptions, MRI scans and lab tests. Students from all healthcare disciplines…


Prostate Enlargement and Cancer

Living North of Columbus Ohio Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer By Stephen Roberts PhD The male prostate gland, important for reproduction, produces a fluid that, combined with other fluids and sperm cells from the testicles, makes up semen. The prostate muscle also forces the semen into the urethra when it is…


Real Seafood Company Elevates Coastal Fare in Toledo

By Don Radebaugh Located in International Park against the backdrop of the Maumee River with a pristine view of the Toledo skyline, Real Seafood Company makes its penchant for fresh, quality water-faring food apparent in its name. “Some of the seafood we are serving today was in the ocean two…


51st Annual German-American Festival

Toledo’s oldest, largest, and greatest ethnic event with authentic German food, beer, and entertainment. August 26-August 28. 6pm-1am Friday, 2pm-1am Saturday, noon-11pm Sunday. $8/GA, $6/advance. Oak Shade Grove | 3624 Seaman Rd. | Oregon