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  • Trina Meadows, committee member of the Zepf center fundraiser, models an iconic piece for the event.
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Toledo Museum of Art Hosts Political Forums – Just in Time for Presidential Election

Politics –  how to make sense of those campaign messages? The Toledo Museum helps decipher the craziness with two programs designed to teach you all about the political elections and why people win or lose. Kyle Kondik, Why Ohio Picks the President Sept. 22 | 7 p.m. | Peristyle Author of…


Cell Phones for Soldiers

More than 150,000 troops are serving overseas. Cell Phones for Soldiers is calling on people to support the troops by donating old cell phones. The project hopes to collect over 50,000 unused cell phones this year. Proceeds will be used to purchase calling cards for troops so they can stay…


Q&A WITH Kristi K. Hoffman

Kristi K. Hoffman  is an award-winning television host and producer, past PBS-TV media personality, author, businesswoman and keynote speaker. As CEO and Founder of Total Package Global,  Kristi develops success tools for pre-teen and teenaged girls and boys, young professionals, as well as seasoned executives to assist them in reaching…


Heroin Addiction: A Community Concern

By Chris Watson What can a community actually do? “Acceptance is the priority,” Karen Freiberger, a parent (see her story on page 8) said. “This is not an inner-city problem or an urban problem or a poor or rich problem. There are no barriers here. Heroin is available to anyone…


Narcan Counters Heroin and other Narcotic Overdoses

By Stephen Roberts PhD A friend of mine purchased the opportunity to have dinner with firefighters at a fundraiser event to benefit a Toledo homeless shelter. He invited my wife and I to go with him and members of his family to Fire Station 6 on Oak Street on Toledo’s…

Trina Meadows, committee member of the Zepf center fundraiser, models an iconic piece for the event.

Don’t Skirt the Issue – Help Fundraiser

Raising Money for Housing By Pat Nowak In Northwest Ohio, heroin and opioid deaths are skyrocketing. The situation in our own community is among the worst in the United States with nearly 300 deaths expected this year due to overdoses.  This crisis is affecting people across all ages, ethnicities, and…


How to Watch and Play Sports by the Rules

Teaching respect and modeling responsible behavior for athletes starts at the top By Tom Konecny Youth sports may seem to showcase athletics in their simplest, most unpretentious form, but those sporting contests can also be filled with childish, immature, self-absorbed behavior – and sometimes, that can even be the actions…


Games of Kindness

Athletes and Spectators – Take note By Daniel Intrater Competition can bring out the best in all of us…but at times, it can also bring out the worst. Merriam Webster defines competition: “To strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to…


Look Good, Feel Good 2016

Looking your best and feeling great isn’t easy— but with proper care, it isn’t that hard. Local health and wellness professionals and services offer advice on how to be your best. Great Lakes Audiology 3780 King Rd. | 419 EAR-CARE | Did you know untreated hearing loss has been linked…



Open Enrollment Medicare Part B is medical insurance specific to seniors or those with disabilities. It covers a host of medical services, with the exception of hospital stays (which Part A covers). Part B consists of premiums, a deductible and typically pays 80/20 for doctors’ services and outpatient care, some home…