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Biggest Week in American Birding – It’s Free

This 10-day event is planned at the peak of spring warbler migration May 6-15, 2016 in Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, and Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Oak Harbor, Ohio. Northwest Ohio’s “Biggest Week in Birding” is jam-packed with workshops, warblers, free guided walks, half-day trips, keynote speakers,…


Severe Weather Prep Steps

Last year the state’s volatile spring and summer weather caused more than $100 million in damage with just three Ohio storms. Ohioans need to take action now to help protect against personal financial loss this year.  The three storms last year produced high winds, hail and lightning. Ohio’s finicky warm…


Q&A WITH Kathy Carroll White

SYMPHONY’S FIRST LADY By Pat Nowak Kathleen Carroll White was born in Rochester, MN, the third of 11 children. She grew up in Toledo’s Old West End and attended Rosary Cathedral, and St. Ursula Academy, before graduating from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication….


Honor Our Vets on Memorial Day – May 30

By Tom Konecny Veterans have garnered mixed reactions over the years, but things are changing. Lee Armstrong, knows firsthand that our military personnel often deserve better. In 1975 he had been serving in the U.S. Navy for a year and returned home to Toledo for a brief visit. He stopped…


Station Favorites Talk About The Future

By Chris Watson They are vocal companions, chatting at us through speakers from gigantic PA systems to tiny headphones. They help us know what is happening in our world, what intersection to avoid, whether school is delayed or, heaven forbid, canceled, and the local church festivals this weekend. They keep…


Whisper of Love: Bonds Between Grandmothers and Granddaughters

Prose by Barbara Johnstone The grandmother scooped up the baby girl and held her tightly. She walked slowly across the room and settled into a chair.  Placing the baby carefully on her lap, she kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, and even her wiggly toes. She talked to the baby…


Too Much Sugar is Killing Us

Why It’s a Problem and How to Decrease Consumption By Stephen Roberts, PhD Most of us eat too much sugar. The American Heart Association (AHA) suggests that women should consume no more than 100 calories a day, and men no more than 150 calories a day, from added sugar. This equals…


Treating Excess Stomach Acid is Related to Dementia

Excess stomach acid at the wrong times,  can cause discomfort and worse. This condition can be caused by a hiatal hernia, smoking, eating a lot and lying down after eating. Drugs used to counter this condition are called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) and include Nexium, Prilosec, and Prevacid. Problems presently…


Georgio’s Cafe International: Fine Dining and So Much More

By Don Radebaugh When it comes to fine dining in Toledo, few establishments keep pace with Georgio’s Café International. From ambiance, to service, to quality, Georgio’s delivers in a major way. Founded in 1986 by brothers Chris and George Kamilaris, the nostalgic restaurant sits in a quaint location on North…


Perrysburg Beauty

Terri and Nick Leonardy wanted a home with a view. Their Perrysburg home has a breathtaking panorama of the Maumee River. Built in the 60’s, the home has been lovingly updated and each room has a personality that blends with the home’s traditional roots. The rooms, while smaller because of…